I guess I should do this since everyone else migrating over from tumblr is but hi, I'm Sophia (I'm also dreamingofdisneyworld on tumblr)

I'm going to be having like... fifty different blogs for different fandoms, much like I do on tumblr though i've learned there's a limited amount of sideblogs which may be a problem for me, so this one is going to be almost exclusively Disney stuff with Kingdom Hearts, Once Upon a Time, Gravity Falls, and Kingdom Keepers thrown in since that's Disney too technically

If you're interested in any of those things, feel free to follow me, and I'll probably follow back! I don't post a ton of original content since I can't gif/art/etc, but I do like reblogging things and will try to get this to have at least a bit of content here eventually

moona -

test pic to see how this place works 🧜‍♀️⭐️